Meet Our Homeowners

Perks & Betancourt Family – Hyattsville, MD – December 2018

The homeowners include a father, mother, and seven year old daughter. Kimberly and Anaya have always lived in Prince George’s County. Jose is originally from Puerto Rico and he moved to Chicago with his family when he was only three. Seven years ago, Jose moved to Maryland for better job opportunities. After researching and learning more about Habitat’s zero-interest, “sweat equity” homeownership program; Kim and Jose were very interested but there were no available homes at that time that met their needs and family size. Kim and Jose decided to submit an application after they received an HFHMM email about an available home that was suitable for their family. When they got the news that they had been selected for the Habitat home, Kim and Jose were elated and felt a sense of relief. Kim shares, “This is a huge opportunity for us. We are so grateful to everyone for dedicating parts of their lives to help make our family dream come true.”


Kibrom Family – Hyattsville, MD – Summer 2018

The homeowners include a father, mother, and two children. Merhawi first moved to the U.S. in 2014. He always dreamed of purchasing a home for his wife and family. Merhawi remembers the excitement he felt when he first heard that his family were selected to purchase a home through Habitat. “I was desperate to physically see the home because I had dreamed of buying a home since I first came here. I am most excited to be working on the construction of my home and that my children will grow up in a safe house and neighborhood.” On the big day, the children were all smiles as they saw their new home and got to see their own rooms. 


Dires Family – Upper Marlboro, MD – Summer 2018

The homeowners include a father, mother, and two children. For Yitayal Dires, the dream of homeownership for his family motivated him to work two full-time jobs for the past three years. He desired to move from an unsafe and crowded living condition to his own home where his children could play in their own backyard. When the big day arrived for their home dedication, the Dires’ family joined with Habitat staff, volunteers, donors and family members to celebrate the completion of their journey. Little did the children know that not only did they walk into their new home, but also waiting in their backyard was a playhouse made just for them. 



Ousman Family – Burtonsville, MD – Summer 2017

The homeowners include a father and mother with two daughters and a son. Kedir and his wife Amina have known each other since childhood growing up in neighboring towns in Ethiopia. After travelling back and forth, they became US citizens and had their three children here. They worked very hard to achieve their dream of homeownership and to provide a stable foundation for their children. The huge smiles on their dedication day said it all, as they were enthusiastically welcomed into a community of other Habitat homeowners in the Burtonsville neighborhood. 



Mubarek Family – Hyattsville, MD – Spring 2016

The homeowners of this Hyattsville home include Father, Mother and 2 children. The Mubareks moved here from Ethiopia 16 years ago. Mr. Mubarek never believed that he would be able to qualify for a Habitat home despite his friends urging him to apply. Mr. Mubarek says, “I am so blessed and thankful to go through the process and purchase the house with 0% interest rate this is life time opportunity for me and my family. The kids…are so happy. Every day they ask about the basement, backyard, what color can they paint their rooms. I told them whatever they want, they’re going to have it soon”.


Grey Family – Landover, MD – Spring 2016

Father, Andrew, and his son and daughter. Andrew was born in Jamaica and currently lives in Prince George’s County, MD. Andrew was asked, “What do you want people to know about your family’s story?”.  Andrew Grey (father) responded, “People who know my family know we are a close family – a hardworking family”. Hardworking is an understatement for Mr. Grey. The kids have not stopped asking questions about the house. When will they move in? How soon will it be? When can they see the house? They are so excited for their own rooms!



Burka Family – Riverdale, MD – Summer 2016

Mother, father and three children ages 7, 3 and 2. They were asked “What did you think when you received the phone call from Habitat saying your family was selected to purchase a home?” Samuel Burka (father) responded, “The first thing I said was ‘Thank you God for telling me to knock on the Habitat door. I have come knocking on the Habitat door many times but the opportunity was never there. This time we knocked at the right time, the door was opened and we are so happy.’” When asked “What are your concerns?”, Samuel responded “There are many other families out there that need your help, please make more homeownership opportunities more. My last thought is God bless Habitat!”


Amsale Demeke & Abebe Woldesenbet – Gaithersburg, 2015

amsaleabebeHabitat for Humanity Metro Maryland has partnered with its 86th family and has officially handed over the keys to Gaithersburg’s newest residents. They were selected to purchase their current home in July 2015 and have been quite busy since! They completed the requirements for sweat equity, homebuyer education and financial literacy classes in just about 4 months. They officially moved into their new homes two days before Thanksgiving. 

Amsale and Abebe have 3 children; one of whom suffers from severe asthma. Their previous living conditions caused extreme sickness and asthma attacks for the children.

“Thanks to Habitat we started to live a new life, breathe fresh air, and are moving forward.” – Abebe Woldesenbet

“Because of Habitat for Humanity, we have a place to call home.” Amsale Demeke

 Amsale and Abebe will pay a 0% interest, 30 year mortgage on their new home. They already have dreams of growing a garden in the backyard, and making their new house a home. Gaithersburg is truly privileged to have this kind and hard-working family as some of its newest residents.Welcome home!


Eji – Maple Hill Community, 2014

Habitat HomeownerEji was thrilled to have been selected to be a Habitat partner and purchase a home with a 30-year, 0% interest mortgage! She was not confident that she would be selected when she saw all the people at the information session. However when the call came, “she thanked the Lord and immediately called her two children to tell them the amazing news”.

Before moving into her Habitat home, Eji lived in Silver Spring with her son and daughter, working at an International Embassy as an Administrative Assistant. They had a two-bedroom apartment and her daughter slept in the living room. She was always concerned for her children’s safety when they walked to the bus stop and back and did not think it was a good neighborhood for her family. Their apartment complex, like so many in our community, was not well-maintained and they had to move three times to different units.

Upon hearing the news, her daughter “claimed the basement for herself and promised to help pay the mortgage.” Eji says, “Buying this home means my family will have a decent life, a bedroom of their own, a place to eat as a family, a place to have sleepovers with their friends, and finally we will be able to invite family over to our house. It gives us a sense of belonging. And best of all, we can finally have a pet – something that we have all longed for.”

 Eji and her children moved into their new home at the end of 2014.  They all have a bedroom of their own in a home they helped build.